Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Yesterday night, I had a lovely dinner with 2 of my new friends here in Boston, both wonderful activist women who I very much respect & admire. We had a bottle of red wine I had picked up (Italian, of course!) and some fantastic homemade pizza, and we were there, ostensibly, to talk about the biolab that BU is trying to erect in Roxbury (one of the poorest & most downtrodden neighborhood in the Boston area, which is why it's "okay" if they put a level 4 bioterrorism research facility there), but we also ended up sitting around and chatting for several hours about a little bit of everything. I never knew I'd so enjoy the company of a woman who is older than my own mother (besides that of my grandmother, of course) and a recent grad. They are both just fabulous people. It's so nice to know that there are people out there who share so many of the same values that I hold.

This morning, though, I'm in a much worse mood - I get to go to the dentist in an hour and a half, to get three MORE cavities filled (ugh). I wouldn't mind that so much, since it'll hopefully help the extreme sensitivity I've been feeling in my teeth recently (I've never, ever had a problem like that before), but it's gonna mean another $300+. Which I really can't afford right now. I could break the visits up into 3 (one for each cavity), but I'd so much rather get it done all at once. I don't know about that trade-off. I can't seem to justify either choice. Damnit, why did I have to go so long without dental checkups??!? :(

Cross your fingers for me that it all turns out okay. xoxo

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