Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sooo busy

Between work, CodePink, catching up on emails/books/etc., and trying to get around to planning for Japan (less than a month away, now!), I just feel like I've barely had time to breathe, lately. Ugh. I need to just have one day where I can sit down and do nothing at all (or at least, whatever I want to do, which would probably entail lots of reading & trying desperately to catch up on everything). I wish I had yesterday off, but I didn't, so I felt even more swamped (as everyone was catching up on things they had been meaning to do; I had to juggle loads of incoming emails with work, oy). Anyway, just thought I'd vent. Really not much to say today. Sorry to be so bitchy, though. Really.

Here, I'll post a picture of these adorable animal-face surgical masks (click the link to see more cute ones!) that perhaps we'll have to wear around Japan, if we have colds...

Anyway, on that better note, I hope everyone is well! I will try to write more later today, or tomorrow. Definitely this weekend. Or, you know, before 2006 is over... xoxo

Currently Reading:

TITLE: The Language Instinct
AUTHOR: Steven Pinker

TITLE: Idoru
AUTHOR: William Gibson

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