Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Boston, 2007 and beyond?

Yay! This morning, Dan heard back from our landlord, and it looks pretty promising that we'll get to renew our lease (Dan had emailed to discuss our potentially doing so yesterday). Hurrah! This is so exciting. We just adore our apartment and its location. I really hope we'll get to stay for at least a little while longer... Our landlord wants to meet us sometime, as we've been his tenants for almost half a year without us ever having come face-to-face, but hopefully that meeting won't change his mind about us! :) And yay, definitely my scrupulousness about making sure that the rent was paid early each month (I try to get it in around the 15th of the previous month every time, so that if something comes up, it can be taken care of in time) sounds like it paid off. Wish us luck!

Yesterday evening, I headed out in the awful, slushy weather for the second time (the first having been for a late lunch with Christine at Cosi; had I known how bad the weather actually was, I might not have gone!), to go to a meeting of Knitting For the Greater Good. They want to recruit people to knit baby blankets to be included in care baskets they give to new mothers who can't afford much. I have already started a new blanket with yarn that Danny helped me pick out at Mind's Eye Yarns! It's really fun - I do hope to be able to get several blankets knitted up this year (it's such an easy & rather mindless task, great for knitting in front of a movie...) - the only thing that would stop me would be the cost, as baby yarn (the very softest) tends to run a bit pricey. Oh, well - we'll have to see. I do really like being involved in this.

However, when I finally arrived at Borders, where the meeting was to be held, there was not a single knitter in sight! I traipsed up & down the stairs a couple of times, scanning in vain (and probably arousing the suspicions of the store's security guard), but, nothin'. I couldn't believe it - I figured I had been stupid and written the wrong day down! Dan was supposed to meet me around 6:30 so we could try out the new sushi place nearby, so I ended up buying a coffee and reading in the upstairs cafe until he arrived. We ate a really yummy (and quickly prepared!) meal at Ueno, and then sloshed back home through the rainy snowy mess. When I got there, I looked up the meeting...and realized that I had been right about the day and time. So strange. I emailed the woman, and she said there were eight knitters at the meeting - and neither of us can understand how I could have missed them! But, I don't feel so bad - apparently I'm not the only one who couldn't find the meeting. I was invited to attend the next one, and I plan to attend...provided I can find it! xoxo

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