Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I tried to post this before Christmas, but I wasn't able to (there was something that wasn't working with uploading pictures). Sorry that this is a bit late for the holidays (the aim was to sell it by Christmas Eve), but I couldn't pass up posting it, it's so gorgeous:'s a cake made with diamonds! Okay, so no jewels actually go in the batter, but the frosting is studded with them (the picture doesn't really do the concept justice). It retailed for $1.7 million at the shop that created it in Tokyo. (See the article here for more information, if you want it.)

Speaking of Tokyo, Dan and I will be flying there come February! Yes, folks, we've finally bought our tickets (at a great rate - the time to visit Japan is the winter, if you want to get a good price! although of course you miss out on kick-ass things like the cherry blossoms...oh well) and we will be flying out of Logan on February 16th. We'll stay for a week, visiting 2 of my friends who are there teaching English, and hopefully seeing a lot of the culture and people that make up that intriguing country. Too bad I don't speak a lick of Japanese - I wish I could even begin to understand it; that would make me feel so much more comfortable there. But, there's no way I'll be able to pick anything up in a month in a half, so I guess we'll just have to wing it! All I can say is I can't express how glad I am to have Dan along with me. And I'm so excited! Albeit terribly nervous.... xoxo

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