Monday, January 23, 2006

i love the snow!

The snow is so pretty, falling in large, soft flakes outside of our windows. I could sit & watch it all day. Unfortunately, I have to start work soon - so I will try to keep this quick.

This weekend was nice, and while I didn't have many plans, it was still somewhat busy (that's how things turn out for me, it seems...). Friday night Bethany brought over sandwiches for dinner, and we watched a movie here with Ashu - Dan & Kevin were at the movies watching Hostel, which we would have no part in, heh. We also watched an episode of My So-Called Life, and I got a lot done on my latest knitting project (even though I had to restart it for the third time! ugh).

Saturday, Dan & I headed over to Porter Square to find the office of the travel agent I had been talking to, so we could sit down & discuss our plans for Japan more concretely. She was very nice, and definitely knew what she was talking about - she got the vouchers for our Japan Rail Passes printed (yay! one of the things I was most worried about getting done) and gave us plenty of good advice. For just $60 (it would have been free if we had bought our plane tickets through her agency, but unfortunately I only found her after we had already bought them online), she is going to help us reserve hotels and get us pretty much all set to go (everything save packing for us, it feels like), so I am greatly relieved. I definitely needed much reassurance that we could do this without any major missteps, and see everything we want to see in just a weeks' time. Whew. The agent is calling a hotel she knows personally today, to see if she can get us a room in Kyoto (one of the 3 cities we'll visit, along with Tokyo and Ube/Hiroshima). It is wonderful to have her help - that, along with all of the advice from several wonderful friends who have traveled there before, is helping me feel much more confident than I was only a few short days ago. I hope it all works out!!

After we left the travel agent, Dan & I had lunch & ran some errands in Harvard Square, then came back to the apartment for the evening. We watched Love and Anarchy, a movie that Bethany had gotten out of the library for us (mostly Dan, hehe) and I knitted some more (it's really progressing! - but I only want to share the final product on this one, I think). The movie was not great, but oh well. I suppose it was interesting enough...

Sunday morning, we headed over to North Station to catch a train out to Waltham (I got to ride for free as Dan's "guest", as it was Sunday, so that was great) to meet Bethany, Kevin, and their friend Adam. We all piled into the car and made the drive down to Newport, RI to see a piece of Bethany's in a show at the Newport Art Museum. It was a cute little place, with a great exhibit on children's book illustration that I greatly enjoyed. The show Bethany was in was also really neat.

Afterwards, we had Indian food for a late lunch/early dinner, and then we all climbed back in the car for the ride home (which Bethany and I slept most of the way through; we're definitely our mother's children! haha). When we got back into the city, Dan and I stopped at home briefly, then went out to meet a couple of friends of his for coffee. For want of something more to do (they weren't going to catch their train out of the city until 11:30), we headed up to the Harvard COOP, where we bought a few books, then left as it was closing. We spent a few hours hanging out at the apartment, and then walked Dan's friends over to North Station, where they were to catch their train home. By the time we got back to the house, it was almost midnight, and I was exhausted. See? Like I said: long weekend, weirdly enough. Very fun, but how does that unfailingly happen to me?? I know I'd be bored otherwise, but it's hilarious that I never get a "down" weekend. Ah, well - I'm happy this way. No need to change things.

Now, time for work. xoxo

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