Sunday, November 12, 2006

neighborly love

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I cannot understand what reason in the world a group of college kids would have for taking turns yelling "WHOO!" at the tops of their lungs at various intervals -- at 2 in the morning. Were they performing magic tricks for each other? Were they just so overcome by the drink and by their sheer joy at being alive that they had to constantly reaffirm to themselves that they were still there? It just makes no sense -- but it certainly did happen. I had the joy of listening to them last night. Ugh.

It just made me so, so glad that I am not those people. Whatever faults I have (and I know I've got plenty), at least I'm not keeping my neighbors up at all hours by making really annoying noises. I mean, honestly, I would have been happier to have any kind of music blasting or even actual words. But, no. They were just so at a loss for actual verbiage that they had to express their feelings in short bursts of annoying yells.


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wenders said...

Hey there - just saw your comment on my blog. I think the 'signal' I'd want to give someone that THEY were being a jerk would just 'start something', you know? And my new mini-crochet project and getting out of my box-infested house helped with the grumps. I really hope we cross paths again - I'm going to have the knitters down to RI at some point - maybe you'll be able to come too? :)