Monday, November 06, 2006

quick needle update

Just to fill everyone in (thank you all for your sympathetic comments!), Woolcott was totally great about simply giving me another #3 Addi Natura to replace the one that broke. I just brought it in with my receipt & the original packaging (and the needle, complete with ruined knitting for dramatic effect, heh). They were totally understanding about how upsetting it all was, and just great about letting me know that if it happened again, to come right back to them. They suggested I might want to try metal circs instead, but I do love wooden needles. So I'm giving them another shot. (So far, so good.)

If this happens again, though, I might not be so in love with them...and it also might mean that I treat my needles pretty harshly! Eep.

In any case, other than that I had a lovely weekend (got to spend time with both of my sisters, jewelry shop & chat with some great people, eat french toast, knit a bit, socialize with some CodePinkers, see a movie, eat a much-too-brief lunch with Adrienne, and even run errands)...even though I only had one thing penned into my schedule. I was surprisingly busy, which might account for why I've now got a mild sore throat and some minor achy-ness...but we'll see. Hopefully I can curb that from becoming full-blown sickness.

At least I'm feeling really productive at work recently! But yeah, I have to get back to that now. Love to all! xoxo

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