Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Dan & I just got back from Death of a President, which was really an interesting concept & well-filmed, but I think would have been a lot more believable for me (in the way that documentaries about the future can be...) if one of Bush's speech writers hadn't been Mrs. Weir...heh.

I also had a lovely evening with the fabulous Kelley, who was tons of fun to spend time with, as always! We were a bit disappointed by Boloco's promising-sounding "Late November Wrap" (I was expecting more of a Thanksgiving feast wrapped up in a tortilla), but oh well! We had some fun examining gloves & bike horns, and making lots & lots of copies (which I couldn't have done without Kelley's expertise). We ended the night by Good Will Hunting it, enjoying the beautiful warm weather outside on the Au Bon Pain patio in Harvard Square (at least, I'm always reminded of that movie when I see that patio!).

A long but definitely very fun night. I think it's time for bed for me now, though!! xoxo

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TITLE: Bitchfest
AUTHOR: Lisa Jervis & Andi Zeisler

TITLE: Effroyables Jardins
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Bolopep said...


Sorry for the Late November experience... sounds pretty "uninspiring"!
If you have a Boloco Card, email me the 16 digit number on back and i'll load you up with some Boloco points... it's the least we can do.

John Pepper (founder, Boloco)

Anonymous said...

Arn, What was the late november like? I remember when it was The Wrap, when they used to have several different wraps, they had a GREAT turkey one, but at some point even the Wrap changed its menu, and sadly got rid of it. But if I recall, it was called the Late November as well, and it was turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was AWESOME.

Bolopep said...


it's still the same late november... we bring it out once a year. MOST of the time, it still is awesome....