Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This morning has been so awful. I broke the Bottomless Jar of Misfortune this morning while I was trying to get some change to use at Boylston (they still don't take Charlie Tickets there). Here's a picture of the awful damage, mid-cleanup:

Ugh. I feel so terrible about that. I loved the BJoM! Not only that, but I don't know how to dispose properly of this one (without killing someone with the dangerous glass) or where to locate a replacement. Sigh. Can anyone help me with any advice on either of those things?

Boy, I hope this day gets better, and the week isn't miserable. I am looking forward to seeing my family for Thanksgiving -- I don't want it to be a terrible time, the way all the signs seem to point right now. Meh.

And I'm also sad because Danny just got back from a week away, and now because of the holiday we're going to be apart for another several days. I miss him already!

Oh, day, please start getting better...xoxo

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TITLE: Grassroots
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Marsha said...

It looks like you were using a glass carboy. You should be able to get another one at a homebrewing store. (They are used for fermenting beer.) And the good news is that they aren't terribly expensive! (Check out http://www.leeners.com/ferment1.html to get an idea of prices.) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Arianna,

Sorry about your change jar. I came across one of your where's george dollar bills the other day. I posted it that I got it in Methuen MA but I just remembered I actually got it at the Museum of Science in Cambridge last Tuesday. Take care and save that change for a rainy day!

Whirly Sue said...

Ah, that is a sign, it says:
''here is enough spare cash to buy a small quantity of luxury yarn''