Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So, I had heard these horror stories about a yarn store on Newbury Street, but the only one I'd ever been inside of was Newbury Yarns, which I definitely hoped was not the one everyone was talking about, because the proprieters there were great when I stopped in.

However, this morning after working at the WLP, I made sure to leave after 9 because I knew that was when the store currently known as Knit & Needlepoint (it's also been known as Mary Jo Cole and Back Bay Needlepoint) was supposed to open. Oh, good lord. I wouldn't recommend it, even if you're desperate! I walked in and was basically watched, eagle-eyed, by the woman hunched behind the desk (I can only assume it was Ms. Cole herself), until I made it to the cash register, where I inquired as to the location of their circulars. The woman kind of growled at me that they were in the back, and she could "make things easy for me" -- she laid it out as such: "They're Addi Turbos. They're metal needles. That's the only kind we have. They're in back." And then she kind of looked me up & down and added, "They're $30. Do you want me to go & get them?" I don't know if she didn't think I could afford them or what, but I wasn't about to stick around & find out. I said thanks and hightailed it out of there. What a meanie!!

I did definitely feel better as I walked home from the T, though. The weather is so nice today, and there were plenty of people (but not too many) out on the streets, all very friendly. I made some stops at the post office & White Hen, and then as I cut through the Prado (the park near our house), the wind was just right so that it was making all the brilliant yellow leaves blow off the trees and drift down, just like a light snowfall. It made me smile, especially to think of the upcoming first snows (I do love those; it's the 88th snow that really gets to me! hehe).

I need to go start work, but I just had to comment. What a morning! xoxo

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Jeanette said...

$30 for all Addi Turbo needles? That is crap! I think this is the store that everyone complains about. Back when I did needlepoint, the needlepointers also complained about it, so it is a cross genre complaint. See you tonight!