Tuesday, May 23, 2006


When I was 16 years old, I developed the second of the only 2 celebrity crushes I've ever really harbored. (The first was directed towards River Phoenix, when I first saw Stand By Me at the age of 8.) My sisters took me to see a sneak preview of Good Will Hunting, and one of the actors in the movie caught my eye. No, it wasn't Matt Damon or Ben Affleck, although I have to admit they are both handsome & charismatic men. Instead, I had eyes only for Casey Affleck. Ever since then (with the good help of friends & family who are well aware of my harmless little "crush"), I have followed Mr. Affleck's career; I think I have seen almost every movie he's been in since. I find him to be not only very attractive, but also a fantastic actor.

Yesterday, my sister called me up & told me that both of the Afflecks were nearby at the wharf, filming footage for Ben Affleck's upcoming directorial debut (at least for a full-length feature), Gone, Baby, Gone. Feeling like a silly, nervous teenager, I grabbed Dan's camera and met her & Karla near their workplace, and we casually "took a stroll" past the set. We managed to catch a glimpse of both of the Affleck brothers, although they were unfortunately surrounded by cast & crew. I tried to snap some pictures (we were only about 15 feet away!), but none of them turned out all that well; the set was constantly in motion.

But, I still was thrilled to get to see one of my favorite actors! I couldn't bring myself to walk up to him & say something -- I'm not that kind of person -- but it was still a neat experience. I will probably always kick myself for not taking probably the only opportunity I'll ever have to meet the man, but I find it strange enough to be calling famous people by their first names -- as if we know them personally! I would never be the one to ask for an autograph or a picture. It just isn't my scene. Oh, well.

In any case, he's just as great in person as he is on-screen. Boy, do I adore those scrappy little Irish boys (and yes, Danny, that means you!)...

...sigh. :) xoxo

p.s. It appears that Ben Affleck saw us, and looked none too pleased...?

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Anonymous said...

Arianna, I meant to tell you I heart that picture of Ben along with your comment. It is so silly! Heehee! I had such a good time star gazing with you and Karla, as well as earlier in the day with April and Emily, and even earlier in the day with April and Chelsey when we didn't even see anyone cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arianna - Bee referred me specifically to this blog I had lunch with her & she said that you guys saw celebrities in person. You both must've been so excited. Next time you'll have to try to snap a picture of the Mrs. Affleck as well! Then you could sell it to the Celebrity Magazines and make some MULA for your knitting supplies! - Nicole Chang