Sunday, May 28, 2006

layer cake

Well, it's been a busy weekend already. Saturday morning, I woke up early to meet Bethany; we bought a ton of fruits & vegetables at Haymarket! Then I trekked out to Roxbury to garden for a couple of hours with The Food Project -- it was physical labor (turning soil, seeding, digging ditches), but a lot of fun -- I do hope to get back there again. They can always use volunteers, and it's great exercise, not to mention a good excuse to be outdoors!

After I got home & showered all the dirt off myself, Dan & I went to Caffe Paradisio down the street to meet Frankie and his wife for a few drinks and some lovely conversation. I adore those two! They were so nice, and they know so much North End history. And Frankie is involved in so many things! He left us with a tape of himself on Emeril; we'll watch it soon.

We next headed to the Quincy Market area to run some quick errands, forgetting the throngs of tourists that come out of the woodwork on holiday weekends! But we managed to fight our way through the crowds and get everything done. Then Dan headed home, and I was off to Downtown Crossing to meet up with Rachel. We wandered around there for a while, and then around the Cambridgeside Galleria for quite a while, before I realized how late it was & hightailed it back home! Dan was hungry and in the mood for a movie, so we grabbed some kebab for dinner before seeing X-Men: The Last Stand (which was good, if a bit confusing to me; I also far preferred the previous two X-Men movies to this one...).

This morning, Bethany & I sliced fruit for a yummy fruit salad that we brought over to a pleasant, lazy brunch at Ashu's, and after we left, she & I spent part of the afternoon in Davis Square. We were headed to Magpie, but as we exited the T, we heard drums & realized that a Memorial Day parade was just passing by! So we paused to watch, clapping for the marchers, before we continued to the store.

Then it was back to Downtown Crossing for a Borders run with Dan, followed by a dinner at Know Fat. We walked all the way home, and I've been moving as little as I can since...I'm so tired from this weekend! Thank goodness I've got tomorrow to catch up on sleep...but then there's Christine & Paulo's picnic to go to.... Ah, I have such a love-hate relationship with busy weekends! I hope everyone is enjoying their time off! xoxo

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