Wednesday, May 10, 2006

green tea

I have to say, this is quite the momentous occassion: there might actually be a green tea out there that I like! And it's all thanks to Viv. It's called Mighty Leaf, and it's just amazing. I never thought to look for more upscale teas in search of a cup that appealed to me! I'm sitting at my desk on a cold, rainy day and drinking a warm cup of this yummy tea....mmm.

Viv sent me this fantastic package last weekend, composed of a variety package of the tea, a fantastic mix CD (based on her travels around the world!), and a beautiful Thai shoulder bag (Viv, you know my weakness for bags! heehee). The picture's not great, but here's the gist of what arrived in the mail:

(I am also very partial to the vibrantly-colored tissue paper -- nice job with that!)

The bag has a fantastic history behind it, too. Viv writes:
I've been meaning to send you this bag for the past year now. I bought it in Thailand and carried it back with me to Australia, when my friend Michele brought it to California and sent it by mail to New York -- and now I am sending it to you in Boston. It has indeed traveled a long way!

I just adore it. I can't wait to start using it when the weather warms up & the sun comes out!

(To Viv: Thanks again, hon. I really appreciated the effort that went into such a great gift. Particularly the card that made me want to cry -- I can't see how you think I am an inspiration, when you are the one going off to med school! I constantly wish I had the motivation to go back to grad school, and here you are doing it. I can't wait to watch what a success you make out of it!)

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