Sunday, August 21, 2005

you might not know

I was born exactly 2 months premaure way back in 1981. When I was 10 years old, my mother wrote a story about her experience for a writing class she was taking towards her masters degree, at the time. Recently Dan showed me a website called Share Your Story, which is part of the March of Dimes foundation, and is a place for mothers of premature babies - support, help, and mostly just knowing that there are others out there going through the same thing. I told my mother about the site, and that I really wanted to share her story with other mothers who could use the hope that her experiences might offer them. In short, here is the the link to what I submitted, plus 3 bonus photos (sorry for the bad quality) of me as a baby at the bottom:

My Mother's Story

I have much more to type later on, but for now I am exhausted and I have a lot of things I have to go deal with. But I promise I'll do my damndest to write again today! xoxo

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TITLE: The Wisdom of Crowds
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Kristen said...

I had no idea that you were also a preemie!!! I knew about the hip surgeries, but I just never connected it. It was really nice to read your mom's story, because my mom would never formulate events from the time I was born too early into a story. I really want to ask her about them, (she's told me a little but not as much as I want to know). So it was nice to really delve into a mother's perspective for a few minutes. Have you checked out the rest of the website?
Also I forgot to thank you for the scarf!!! I put it in the bookcase, because it was so hot when you gave it to me, so I got to rediscover and to reappreciate it again now that it's cooler outside. It's so beatutiful, and you must have worked so hard on it! I need to learn how to make scarves sometime. I'm not good at making much of anything except messes. :)
Also thanks for the note and the necklace!