Sunday, August 21, 2005

my friend, the robot

One more thing, though - Blogger seems to think that my friend Kristen is a robot, so I have in fact removed the requirement that you have to do a verification before you can post...for the time being. I spoke with my mechanical friend, and she agreed that we'll give it a trial run, and if I do end up getting a ton more comment-spam, then we'll rethink it. :) But for now - comment away! With no worries!! Heehee.

p.s. Kristen is in fact blind, and word verification doesn't exactly seem to allow for that. We sighted people can be so short-sighted (pun intended) at times. We only want to see (and again) what is right in front of us. Haha ok I'll stop. This is getting bad, huh? :)

p.p.s. Sorry, Kristen, that I didn't get around to this sooner, like I had promised!

Okay, for real this time: good-night!


Kristen said...

The robot thanks you.

Anonymous said...

is the word verification thing that crazy "prove you're a human" letter scramble? (in which you have to practically squint your eyes to figure out which letters they are.. because they are written so cockeyed?) .. its clever, but cannot possibly be friendly to the blind. :(

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, sorry, the previous comment was Me! (sarah)