Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Wow - I am really, really glad to be done with that book - The Wisdom of Crowds. Partly because it was really overdue, but mostly because it wasn't all that great of a book, I found myself dying to get through the second half(ish) of the book - once I get to the halfway point in a book, I can't feel okay about putting it down until I'm done, no matter how much I dislike it! And I just was not feeling it. I found myself all too often drifting to other topics (sometimes as mundane as "what time is it?" and often more pressing issues like "ugh how many more pages do I have left in this book??") while I was reading - my mind kept wandering off so much that I would have to reread entire paragraphs or sections that I had just "read" but hadn't paid any attention to. I don't think I've experienced something like that (at least not to that extent of disinterest/boredom with a book) since, well, since I was forced to read for school, mostly the textbooks. Well, at least this book definitely reminded me that I finally want to get back to reading a bit of fiction again; I feel like it's been ages! This really has been the Summer of Learning for me, in that I think I've actually read more non-fiction than novels in the past several months. And while (don't get me wrong!) I greatly appreciate everything I've soaked up, right now I really could use a good story.

At first I intended to pick up Gibson's latest (although not very recent; I received it as a present quite a while ago) release Pattern Recognition, but I think I want to wait on that one. So while standing in my room, scanning my shelves, my eyes fell upon ... The Handmaid's Tale! Which I have never read, and thanks to Sarah, I am now holding a copy of! (Thanks, S!) We are planning on doing a book-discussion-group type thing (which I've also committed separately to with Caitlin, YAY for lots of reading! hehe), and this is our first book. I had promised to get to reading it right after I got through all of my overdue library books, so now I finally can! Yay.

I'm sure I'll let y'all know how it goes. xoxo

Currently Reading:

TITLE: The Handmaid's Tale
AUTHOR: Margaret Atwood


Kristen said...

I love that book! It's very creepy. Let me know if you like it. And I admire you for actually learning something. I definitely read more stories.

Anonymous said...

i saw "the wisdom of crowds" on the shelf at borders & started reading it the other day.. and i thought, "I applaud Ari for being able to read THIS!".. you do have a great mind to read nonfiction (its really important.. but yeah, occasionally academic and forced) .. and now its funny to know that you actually didn't like that book! don't worry i still think you're a nerd!! ;)

-- Sarah