Tuesday, August 09, 2005

today is picture day

I've needed to catch up on sharing photos with you all for quite some time now, so here goes quite a slew of them:

This is a checkerboard that I knitted for Dan a good long while ago, but I'm so proud of my accomplishment that I had to share it. I suppose only knitters will really be impressed, but still...in any case, it was supposed to be turned into a bag to hold Dan's chess pieces back when he was really into chess, but for now it's just sitting in his room somewhere. Maybe he'll ressurect that passion when we move... :)

This is a series of photos of these crazy socks Marsha sent me from Japan a few weeks back...they are designed to be worn with sandals/flip-flops, as I've demonstrated in the pictures (please kindly ignore my ugly feet).

She also told me about this cool stuff. Konnyaku. Read up, it's interesting! Sounds kind of like Japan's version of tofu, although yes I do realize how odd that sounds, seeing as they eat bean curd more than we do...

Then there's this, courtesy of LetterJames, a neat website where you can put your text on all kinds of images. Check it out.

And this I just thought was great, that's all. It's definitely not my own work and I certainly wish I could attribute it to someone, so if you know whose it is please give me a holler.

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. Sorry I'm always so late with photos. And sorry that I always think I have way more to share than I actually do. And yeah, I know, my camera takes better-composed and less-blurry pictures by itself than I do. Oh well. I never claimed to be a photographer, but my camera definitely claimed to be a camera. Or something. Ignore me, I'm tired.

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