Monday, August 08, 2005

Red Bull looks like pee

Well, it does! There's no denying that. But I am sure that won't stop me from drinking it, since most of the time I'm usually drinking it from the can, anyway.

I'm loath to post anything because I really liked the way the last post looked at the top of the page...haha I'm so weirdly into aesthetics, but at the same time I am pretty awful at decorating or layout or design. I don't get it.

This past weekend was Tanyafest '05! Which was pretty awesome. I love Tanya, she's one of my best friends & favorite people in the entire world! I got to spend tons of time with her between pre-gaming on Friday night with the girls at Up Or On The Rocks (my first time there; usually I'm a Pig's Eye kinda gal), a sleepover, party prep, and then the actual party at Eric's. What a great time! I was so glad I got to talk to awesome people that I've kind of adopted as my own friends (Sarah, Scotty, Monique), since Tanya has such good taste in people. :) And I didn't even mind being d.d. on Friday night, and only having one beer on Saturday. I always forget how much I hate the morning after drinking (I'd call them hangovers but I rarely ever really get those) until it's too late, anyway. So it was kinda nice to be able to have fun and be totally comfortable with people I don't know all that well for the most part (but who are all really easy to get along with & accepting, thus no pressure to perform/need for drunkenness).

That took up most of my weekend, anyway. Sunday I spent mostly racing to finish The Wisdom of Crowds until my father informed me that I could in fact renew a "new" book (if no one else had tried to reserve it) at the Farmington Library, so I got a chance to relax, whew. (I'm only about halfway through it right now.) I am enjoying it, but it was getting hard to speed-read it and still get anything out of it.

So after dinner I picked up some knitting (haven't done that in ages, it feels like!) and watched Little Black Book, which was a pretty awful movie. Just really pointless, and SO hard to watch because I hate movies where I am constantly cringing FOR the protagonist. (Like 99% of Ben Stiller movies.) One kinda cool thing from that movie, though: girls, remember when we were wondering aloud what in the hell ever happened to Gavin Rossdale? Well, despite our worries that he might have died, haha, he actually makes an appearance in that movie! How out-of-the-blue, huh? Well, at least we know he's still kickin'. And yeah, he's still pretty cute. I wonder what he's up to these days, besides doing Gwen Stefani and appearing in bad movies.

Hmm, not much other news, really. I should get back to work, anyway. This next month is going to be BUSY, what with prepping & selling my car (sad), getting ready to move & moving (ack), a wedding (yay), a visit to Kristen in NJ (yay), and taking my mom to Schemitzun for her birthday (fun).

Thank goodness I'm taking the last week in August off!

Currently Reading:

TITLE: The Wisdom of Crowds
AUTHOR: James Surowiecki

TITLE: One-Night Stands with American History
AUTHOR: Richard Shenkman & Kurt Reiger

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