Thursday, August 04, 2005

i feel like Alexander

Alexander of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day fame. Well, okay, mine would be more something like the Terrible-Horrible-No-Good-Very-Bad-Start-To-The-Day. But either way.

Well, first, on a somewhat unrelated note: last night I actually caught myself thinking "her mother actually let her out of the house wearing THAT?!" when I was waiting in line behind a 13-year-old wearing a skirt that pretty much showed her ass-crack. But god, I'm getting old. I don't think I would have cared one way or the other a few years ago. Well, maybe it was how young the girl was - most of the skanky clothes I encounter tend to be more on girls my age, who get to choose their own level of hoochiness when they dress themselves. Usually I tend to think that teenagers are still a bit under their parents' control. In any case, WOW are clothes getting kinda trashy. Thanks, Britney and Christina and all you other exemplary role models.

Also last night (but this one relates to my bad morning, I swear!), after I got home from visiting Jen (yay!), I couldn't stop rubbing my left eye. I realized that it's been bothering me for some time now (at least since Monday-ish) and so I set out on a quest to finally remove what was in there. (I know it sounds weird that I've had something in my eye for that long, but I don't think it was always bothering me. Plus, I tend to get my long eyelashes stuck in my eyes all the time, so I guess I just thought it was that and it would find its way out eventually.) My quest took me to the bathroom where I spent a good 15 minutes trying to see something in there. I touched my eyeball I don't know how many times! And then I ended up having to use a Q-tip (shudder) to remove a little fleck of something I finally spotted on the underside of my eyelid! But all that eye irritation took its toll, and this morning while getting ready for work, the eye area was still very tender. I didn't even want to find out how eye makeup would feel on it, so I had to forgo being Danny's dwarf hotot for the morning.

I have been having a lot of eye problems lately. The other day I rubbed my itchy eyes so much that not only did I look like I had gotten punched twice in the face, but also I had these odd little allergic-reaction bumps on the outside corners of both my eyes. I ended up wearing really big, dark sunglasses while paying my grandfather his daily visit, until they reduced to a more normal size. I wonder what the problem is, though. Dust? I never used to be allergic to anything, grr.

Anyway, back to my morning: So I'm getting ready to leave, and since I'm going to Dan's after work today I figured I'd bring along the (set of 2 matching) Christmas bear mugs that he said his mother might like (as a replacement for some large Christmas mug she claims he lost a few years ago). In order to place them somewhere I wouldn't forget them, I put them on my bed together, and OF COURSE - now, bear in mind (haha! pun not intended but boy was that a funny coincidence) that they made it ALL THE WAY back from Ithaca (when I couldn't manage to Freecycle them there, and didn't want to throw away perfectly good mugs) stored only in a pillowcase, and rattling around perched atop all my other stuff! - they managed to clank together in just the wrong spot, and one of the decorative pieces on one of them shattered to unsalvageable shards. UGH. And of course now the mug is completely useless because who wants to use a broken one, even when the cup is still intact? And now I feel silly giving only one of a set of 2 away. Gah.

Dealing with that kept me busy, and in turn I managed to leave late for work, and on top of that got stuck for at least 1/2 of the drive behind a slow-as-hell semi trailer. God knows why he felt the need to go like 20 miles under the speed limit, when I wanted to at least go 5 over! :) But I guess all that frustration was somewhat made up for when I found myself being passed on the highway by a little old dude cruisin' along in his Monte Carlo. Way to go little old dude! Way to make up for your peers' general slowness!

When I got to work, I realized the the antenna on my tablet PC is now hanging on by just a thread. We taped it back on and that looks okay, but what bad design to create a portable computer with such a vulnerable piece on it!

Well, since I've been kind of intermittently writing this entry all day, it's now 3:20, so I should probably post this now. The rest of my day hasn't been going SO awfully, although lunch (a tuna melt at Philip's Diner down the street) wasn't great, but hey what can you do. And I get to see Dan tonight, and that's always a plus.

I just hope he doesn't fall apart on me or anything.

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