Friday, August 19, 2005

a real catch-18

Ugh I am in such a catch-22 right now (which really should have been a catch-18) with my car. Basically, I have been on the phone all morning, speaking with the Honda Finance Company and the DMV, learning that in order to get ahold of the title to my car, I have to pay off the loan...but in order to pay off the loan, I have to sell my car, which includes hanging over the title! I don't understand - there must be people other than me who sell their cars before they've paid off the loans. If I could pay off the loan, don't you think I would have done that already?? And the DMV tells me that the Bill of Sale isn't a legally binding document, and that having the title to the car is the only way they can transfer registration. So WHAT the hell is one to do? -- Anyone have any good ideas for me?

I'm so frustrated I didn't learn of this until I had already placed ads all over. Now I get to inform people of my predicament every time they call. Ugh.

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