Monday, August 29, 2005

whew, i need a break

I've been on my feet all day, oy. Just got back from running errands with Jen, yay! I ended up spending more than I expected (I hate that that's almost always the case), but I did manage to buy the wedding present I need for Ian & Cathleen's wedding in September, as well as a huuuuge bin where we're going to store (read: toss) all of Danny's stuff when he gets messy. :) For now, it's very good for transporting all of the bedding to Boston, since it's big enough to store it, but it won't be too heavy to carry upstairs...lots of stairs...!

I did get to sleep in a bit this morning, which was nice - I haven't done that in ages. It wasn't even that long, but it was nice to have the option of setting a bit more of a leisurely pace today. When I got up I took a shower and worked on packing boxes & toting things downstairs and out to the garage, which is my temporary storage site until it all goes into the truck on Wednesday! Then Dad and I stopped to visit Grandpa before we headed over to an elementary school to load his truck up with 27 (!) boxes of books, for my sister's ReBook program. On his way back home, Dad dropped me off at Mom's school (she is a first grade teacher, for all of you who didn't know that), and I spent the afternoon there, helping her set up her classroom as she prepares for the new school year to begin in September! It looks great - my mother is such a great teacher. I am constantly impressed by her. I wish I could do what she does. And she makes such a difference in her students' lives.

Well, after "work", Mom & I headed back home and we all ate dinner together, and then I headed out to pick up Jen so we could go to Target! So, whew, what a long day. But I'm so glad that I got to see Jenny before I have to go...I'm going to miss that girl SO MUCH. I hate how we never seem to be in the same place for long enough!! She was at school in NY, then I moved to NY, then she moved back to CT, then I moved back to CT, and now I am moving to Boston! Ah, well. Good thing I know our friendship is strong enough to survive all of this back & forth, heh.

Anyway, not much else to report on...this weekend was very good (I sold my car! yay!). Schemitzun was great, and Dad & Dan got awesome t-shirts. Saturday night, I went to Tanya & Jill's for Jill's birthday party, which was fun (I had such a great time chilling in T's room with Sarah/Monique/Tanya/Jon/Kim; those are the kinds of gatherings I love the most, and those people are all so fun & chill), but we all got booted when the cops showed up (for some mischief that Jill's friends got into while they were drunk; I'm not really sure, but I'm just glad the innocent guys that we were hanging out with didn't get in trouble!).

Sunday, I have no idea what in the world I did. Honestly. I am blanking out completely. Must've been fun, huh? :)

As for The Handmaid's Tale (I promised I'd post a bit on how I like it), I'm really enjoying it so far! Granted, I haven't had much time to get very far in it, but I love the concept and Atwood writes very well from the protagonist's voice. So far, so good - and, it's a pretty fast & engaging read, which is always good.

Well, I'm tired & I still have some more packin' up to do, so for now, good-night! xoxo

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