Monday, October 01, 2007


When someone writes group posts like the following two, I find it hard to believe that they're not deliberately misspelling everything as much as they possibly can:

This is for all veiwing these messages. I feel the erge to leave the group do to the fact that i barly talk to anyone anyway and because I'm not use to being in a group unless it's with my friends at school. Yes, frankly I'm out of school but i still have my gain there and I would appreashiate if someone would delete my request on joining this group. Its not the group's fault, its just I need time to figure out my oun problems.
Thank you.

i have asked the head leaders of this group to let me out but it seems
like im still in this group. i will make this quite cleer. GET ME OUT
OF HERE!!!!!!!!!! i want out and that means, no more e-mails about
chats im in no part of, no more e-mails telling me how to do this knit
stitch where i can only learn by watching before doing, no more e-mail
about where to go to get the best sail on yarn. I want out, thats all
im asking.

I mean, really. That is probably how I would write if I were trying to make it appear like I couldn't spell or select words properly.

No offense intended to the person who wrote these (hence why I didn't use the name), but I was bothered enough by the anger and self-righteousness of these posts anyway (and it's really not necessary for the entire group to have to read these; I don't understand why people don't get that), that I guess I don't feel too badly pointing out the horrendous writing.

p.s. And omigod, check out what happens when things get a bit too personal in the group! My jaw literally dropped reading this, which was sent between complete strangers & rather out of the blue:

I am sorry you are so fat that your husband doesn't want to have sex
with you you spend your free time reading dictionaries.....

Good lord. What is with this world?!? xo


wenders said...

Ah, Message Boards. They can be so mean.

Jeanette said...

I read those messages too and had to laugh at the misspellings. I almost posted a response to the sex message, but then I decided that that would just be feeding the monster.