Wednesday, October 24, 2007

words words words

Maybe it's because I was doing a little bit of this this morning, but I just saw the word "microphone" and instead of my brain registering its normal use, I swear I thought, "Oh, neat, they have this miniature phone?" It took me a few seconds for the fog to clear out of my mind (I think it doesn't help that I feel so exhausted right now, so my head's not really on straight) and then I laughed at myself.

I just hope I can stay awake through work & get something done! xo

p.s. Thanks go to Christine for showing me the Free Rice site, which I'm currently now in love with/addicted to. But I could only get to level 45. :( I wanna be among the few that get to 50! Well, I'll have to spend more time on it some other time...when I'm not at work...heh.


David Press said...

hm, that free rice is cool, used to be pretty good at the vocab way back when but I can't help but think that its slipped a bit lately. Probably not a bad idea to participate in something like this.

Unknown said...

Ha. kev is sleeping and i am on the iPhone. Somehow I ended up on your blog site in Greek. I mean your writing and comments are in English of course, but everything else is I'm Greek, therefore, it is all greek to me! We will be back in the states tommorrow. Love and miss ya, little sis!