Tuesday, October 02, 2007

sleep attack

I meant to go home and get things done last night, but instead I went to bed almost as soon as I walked in the door (around 7:30, I think it was).  I was dog-tired yesterday; I fell asleep on both the train to work & back.  I guess I just really needed to sleep.  Getting up this morning wasn't any easier, though, really.  I still had to hit the snooze button a ton of times.  But I guess I feel slightly better, in general.  I'm going to try to devote this week to sleep, I think.  Without it, I can get cranky & go kind of crazy when I'm already in a slump.  Sometimes I fly through several sleepless nights, being uber-productive, but these days I am just feeling rundown.  I think maybe slowing down on everything in general is a good idea.

We'll see how true I can stick to my goal; I've tried this before, but haven't been great at it...xoxo

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