Wednesday, October 10, 2007

who'dve thunk?

I didn't think this could actually happen (what is the probability?), but I actually received a tracking # that UPS has already used! I figured with their 18-digit random string dealie (well, I know at least the "1Z" part in the beginning isn't random, so 16-digit, anyway...), it'd be a long, long time (maybe 16!*10 packages, I think? if I recall my discrete math & permutations correctly, which I probably don't) before they needed to reuse one, even with the amount of packages they ship. But I received a tracking number yesterday for a bag I ordered online, and when I clicked the link to check out the status, I was infuriated that my package had been mailed to Fort Walton Beach, FL! And I thought that some guy named "Miles" was probably wearing the bag that very moment (I imagined he looked very cute). But then I noticed the date: "Delivered on: 09/08/2006 1:47 P.M." Yeah...that was over a year ago.

So either someone mistyped the number into the computer, or they actually did reuse it. Either way, I just hope my bag gets to me! I'm so excited for it. (I have a thing for friends - especially Tanya - can vouch for the fact that I've got dozens!)

Cross your fingers for me that UPS doesn't actually provide "Miles" with a lovely new handbag. xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Just THINKING about thinking about math makes my brain hurt. But even I know that the odds are pretty astronomical here!