Tuesday, October 09, 2007

it's hip to knit squares

So, I have kind of put a lot of my other knitting on hold to work on knitting up squares for the Pine Street Inn, although I have to admit it's largely because I love the stash-busting of it all!! I've blown through a ton of the Cheese Grandma yarn, and I've got some other extra random balls here & there that I can also contribute. I also have gotten all lame and gone from knitting actual fun patterns to mostly doing mindless garter stitch. The reason for this is twofold: one, I get to watch in front of movies or shows that I'd rather be putting my mental energy towards (and kind of need to), like Heroes (love Milo Ventimiglia!); and two, because some of the yarn I've got, you really can't do much else with. It's thick and stiff and I don't really feel like wrestling it into submission to make some otherwise pretty pattern that probably can't even be appreciated because it'd look bad with the yarn! So I'll save those fun patterns for the lighter-colored, softer yarn I've still got lined up...and for when I'm watching some "lighter" DVDs. :)

I plan to share some pictures of my square-work-in-progress, especially those squares that are not just boring garter stitch. Soon. Promise.

You're also going to love the ones I did where I clearly ran out of yarn before I expected to! Hehe. But hey, they add splashes of color and a little bit of a change of pace...right?


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wenders said...

Laughing - I totally ran out of yarn on one last night before I expected to. :)