Monday, October 15, 2007

coupla pictures... way better than the other. But I forgot to share the first one the other day!

1. Just a meal I cooked myself the other night, one of the first improvised (sans recipe) meals I've ever was very simple, just a sautee of yellow squash & tomatoes & onions with some seasoning over some thin linguine...but I was still proud of it! And even more so of my awesome new square red plates:

Bad picture (kind of blurry), but it'll have to do.

and 2. First photo from the wedding! I'm sure I'll post more soon. Doesn't my family look beautiful?? Love them. :)

This one was kind of small, sorry. There's a larger picture out there somewhere, but I don't have a copy of it. But you can at least get the general idea. I think the colors of the wedding were just beautiful - so vibrant and brilliant. Congratulations, Bethany & Kevin!!! xoxo

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Unknown said...

your dinner looks yummy and thanks so much for posting about us. you sisters are the best a girl could ever ask for. i love you both so much. sent links to a TON more pictures. ENJOY.