Sunday, April 01, 2007

not much

I don't really know why I'm posting; not much to say, here. I just wanted to say hello. Things are luckily way less hectic than they were the past several weeks. That's definitely a plus. I hope the trend continues!

I am mostly just working these days, and in the evenings trying to do stuff mostly for myself. I actually got to go to SNB this week, and it was really very pleasant & fun. Thursday, I went with Caitlin to see Mon Oncle Antoine; it was showing as part of a Harvard film series. It is supposed to be one of the best French-Canadian movies ever made, and while I enjoyed it, I was surprised by that title. It had an interesting plot, but nothing I would ever rave over. I was mostly preoccupied with how much French I was able to recognize -- I might have been able to watch that movie without subtitles (I almost just wrote sans sous-titres, heh), which I was surprised at, because I always hear that quebecois and the French spoken in France are wildly different, and that a native speaker of one can almost barely understand a native speaker of the other. Perhaps it wasn't so difficult for me because I'm a native speaker of neither. Who knows.

Friday I spent a really nice, quiet night at home, getting some work done and watching part of Ben-Hur. Ugh, what a religious movie! I did find the film to be fascinating: very well directed & acted, with an interesting storyline and fantastic scenes (and well it should have, as it cost $15 million in the 1950s), but I wasn't quite as drawn into the religious context (I've heard it was the only film the Pope has ever blessed). I didn't hate it, but I did find Charlton Heston to be pretty off-putting, which unfortunately ruined the film for me because he was supposed to be the hero I should have been sympathetic to! But, at least the infamous chariot race scene (in which an actor died, I hear?) lived up to the hype. It was certainly thrilling! And quite impressive, especially for and older film where special effects weren't digital.

Saturday, Dan & I (with a quick visit from Bethany) spent the early afternoon wandering around Downtown Crossing, the Common, and Newbury Street/Back Bay. I had all these errands in mind to run, but it was not my lucky day; the only one I managed was a successful stop at the library, to pick up a few books (including 2 knitting books! -- the BPL has quite the "craft" section; I am so impressed) I needed. Otherwise, I couldn't locate any of the things I had gone out shopping for. But we had a good time, and I ended up picking up a couple of shirts that will hopefully be good for wearing to work come June. (It's so weird to think that I'll have to really start considering what to wear on a daily basis!) We were tired by midafternoon and headed back to the apartment. Later on that evening, Dan went out with his friends & I met up with Christine outside of the Haymarket T, and then we wandered around looking for the location of this Vassar "reunion" gathering they were holding at some pub. We finally found it, and it turned out to be the smallest bar I've ever seen! I hadn't wanted to go (some of my old housemates had talked me into it), but it turned out really great -- I saw my old Student Fellow (Vassar's equivalent of an RA, kind of) and my entire townhouse was there (that's 5 of us), as well as a few fellow computer science majors and some other kids I am familiar with. It was interesting because the concept is G.O.L.D. -- Graduates of the Last Decade. So there was quite the mix of people, considering there weren't a ton of us (I am sure NYC gets a much larger crowd!). But I had some beers and chatted with several people (some of whom I plan to hang out with soon), and a small group of us ended up drinking some wine on the roof deck of our apartment before we called it a night.

Today, I get to visit the MFA with Karen! I am really looking forward to that; I plan to bring my journal, if I can locate it (eep!). And later on this evening, I had promised Dan I'd take him to the Middle East to see Immortal Technique, one of his favorites. It looks like a fun (and pretty pleasant, weather-wise) day! I am looking forward to it.

Have a good one, everyone.

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