Tuesday, April 24, 2007

record high

Monday's 85/86 degree high in Boston was a record, according to weather.com. Thank goodness those temperatures aren't going to be sticking around. I don't think I could handle it.

But I did like the sunshine, that made me feel much better after so many clouds & so much rain! I was so upset to see more rain yesterday. Ideally, we'd have sunny, 60-degree weather all year round. Is that too much to ask? Heh.

Anyway, this week has been busy, because I wanted it that way. Sunday, I had a lovely afternoon at Karen's with Sarah, Jenn, and Lisa. I never get to spend enough time with those awesome girls. Jenn did a Mary Kay demo for us, and we all made some fun purchases. I got a nice sun care set (which includes a sunscreen, an after-sun gel, and a lip balm) which I hope to use a lot this summer! I didn't get out much in the sun last year, and I don't mean to tan, but just to be outside. I suppose the stifling heat didn't help much; hopefully we don't get a ton of that again this year. I'm not sure I could survive another suffocating summer! Yuck.

Monday night, I totally geeked out & attended the Lord of the Rings online release party at the GameStop in the Prudential Center. Before that, we took Bill out for his birthday at Laurel, which was unfortunately a bit disappointing, especially because Bill is a chef himself, so we always hope to find a place he'll really appreciate. Oh, well. I may give that place another shot. It seemed so promising! Perhaps it was because we showed up for a 9:30 meal there, with the kitchen closing at 10.

Tuesday, Bethany & I attended the NARAL ProChoice Massachusetts Chocolate Madness event at the Cyclorama, which was ... all right. I liked the cause that it was raising money for, but I am not a huge chocolate fan. So we sampled some yummy things, but I was thirsty & chocolated-out pretty soon after we arrived. Still, it was a good event. I am thinking of maybe getting more involved with that group in the future, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court decision (ugh!).

Yesterday evening was the Womens Lunch Place Volunteer Appreciation night at the Back Bay Hilton. It was awesome to get to see the Wednesday Crew outside of the kitchen, and not wearing the health-code-required hairnets! Almost all of the Wednesday girls were there (save for Mark, who is our only non-girl anyway), and we hung out and drank complimentary drinks with the Saturday Pancake Boys. I love the WLP staff, too. After the event was over, Maureen & I had drinks with Regina & Jess at Bukowski's next door, and talked a lot about what goes on behind-the-scenes -- the stuff the volunteers aren't always privy to. :)

Tonight, I've got a date with Danny, which I am really looking forward to. We've been doing separate things a lot of late, and so I really love when we set aside a specific night to see each other.

I hope you all are also staying busy (and out of trouble!), and having lovely weeks. xoxo

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