Sunday, April 22, 2007

the only prescription is more cowbell

I've been trying to keep myself really busy, but I guess it finally caught up with me. Yesterday I suffered from the quickest fever ever: I started getting the shivers & took my temperature, and found that it was normal. An hour later, I was climbing into the high 99s. A couple hours after that (wrapped shivering & crying in a ball on the bed), it was up to 101.7. Bethany came home & brought me Motrin & Gatorade (on the recommendation of Doctor Sarah) & soup. My temperature started going down after that, and by the time I really went to sleep at 11, I was back into the 99 range. This morning, I am in the high 98s, with a lingering sore throat (it really hurts!) and very achy limbs. I don't know if I'll be up for this afternoon's plans with the girls, but I hope I am! I am just worried I'll get others sick if I am not completely well.

I started feeling achy in the back & hips yesterday morning, when I woke up really early for the first WLP shift. Following that, I took the T to Quincy Center to help out at Cradles to Crayons, which despite my aches was really a lot of fun! We sorted, cleaned, & tested donated toys that were to be distributed to low-income & homeless families in MA. I felt like an elf in Santa's workshop. The one problem with that was that the train was a good 10 minute walk from the place, which I hadn't been aware of. So my walk back to the T was a small agony; every step hurt. For most of the morning I had just figured I'd been overdoing it, and I needed to rest; I realized then that maybe I was coming down with something. I went home & took a nap, but waking up, I only felt worse. That's when I knew I had to cancel my evening plans. :(

Well, at least things are slightly better now. I took 2 medications this morning (for the aches & for the sore throat), so hopefully I'll be in better shape in a few hours. Ugh.

On an entirely different note, we went to see Grindhouse this past week, and I have to say, I was quite disappointed that the scene of an Austin street (which Sally & I watched them shoot when we were there last August) was disappointingly short! They were working for quite some time there (while we ate breakfast across the street), so I had thought there would be a bit more to it. Oh, well. C'est la movies! Anyway, I enjoyed the first film (Rodriguez's) much more than the second (Tarantino's) initially, but they both had their merits. Very well done in the campy aspect. Fun to watch, despite the 3.5 hour length.

Well, I am going to go lay down again, for a bit. I think I need some more rest. xoxo

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Marsha said...

Take care of yourself! I sure hope you're feeling better by now. And I've no doubt a little more cowbell can't hurt. :)