Monday, December 12, 2005


I'll catch up quick, since there's not a ton to say about last weekend. It was fun, and busy, so don't get me wrong - it wasn't bad! Just, I dunno, basic.

Friday night, despite the snowstorm conditions, we met up with a couple of Dan's friends and went out to eat at Billy Tse's on the waterfront (in the North End). The food (Dan & I had crab rangoon appetizers, and then maki & sashimi for meals) was pretty damn delicious. I was especially in the mood for maki, since it had been ages since I'd had any! Yum.

Then the 4 of us headed over to Improv Asylum, which I've always wanted to go to while I lived in the North End (last time and this time)! So I finally got to go, and it was a good time. I definitely have seen better - what with the amazing Improv group at Vassar, I have to say I was a bit spoiled for any others - but it was funny and entertaining, which was all we really were asking for.

Saturday morning, we got up to meet our friend Jess for breakfast at Theo's (yum again - I had an omelette with veggies and cream cheese, which they never fail to do awesomely there), and then Dan & I hung out a bit at home for a few hours. Around mid-afternoon, we bundled up to go out to the Punk Rock Flea Market at MassArt, which was pretty neat, but really crowded and full of hipsters. Ah, well. There were some cool crafts, although we got there too late to get most of them - Dan left with 2 cool t-shirts, but the one that he really wanted at first, he'll have to wait for a reprint of. Oh, well - teaches us to be late for events like that!

Saturday night, really late (like 11pm, I think), we decided to go see Aeon Flux at the Loews on the Common. The movie was pretty good, considering all the dismal reviews of it! I had never really gotten into the TV show all that well (probably because it was a fantastical cartoon), but the movie was very easy to follow despite that I didn't know a whit about the back story. And Charlize Theron is beautiful.

Other events from that night (JB's party that I had kind of been looking forward to for months, since I haven't seen him since September - sad! - and an afternoon party I was supposed to attend with my sister) were unfortunately cancelled, but it was still a pretty full day.

Sunday, we met up (after wandering around, uncertain of our direction for a bit following a disabled train one stop before the one we wanted to get off of) with Sarah (sister), Liam (her fiance), Bethany (sister), and Sarah C. (her art-ner-in-crime , heh) at a cafe in the South End. As there was no room, Dan & I decided to eat next door at Perdix, where we ended up having a fabulous lunch of quail & lobster, whew. Delicious. I highly recommend the place.

Then we headed across the street to the Cyclorama, where this year's Bazaar Bizarre was taking place - Bethany & Sarah C. (they have a clothing company called Ink in the Sink) had a booth there this year, so we (me, Dan, Sarah, & Liam) were walking around as advertisements for a while (wearing shirts they had made) as we did a bit of Christmas shopping. I got a couple of presents for others & one for myself (a craft book). Around mid-afternoon, Dan & I said our goodbyes and headed back home, where we ended up spending the rest of the day. I did a bit of knitting in front of a movie and some old Daria episodes (yay), and managed to finish off a bag I am knitting for a friend, and get significantly through some washcloths I am making! Cool.

All right, I know I said that would be short, so I'm gonna get going for now - that's it. Ciao until later! xoxo

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