Thursday, December 15, 2005


I can't sleep. We got back from seeing King Kong at the Loews on the Common, and all I really have to say about that is Well done, Mr. Jackson. Fantastic movie - very gripping. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Cinematography was great, editing well done, acting very good, script too. I don't remember the original very well, but I definitely think it's getting a run for its money. (I hope it wasn't sacrelige to say that...)

In other, much more important news, I just found out that a girl I went to Vassar with passed away in a bus accident on her way down to New Orleans this past week. I was shocked & saddened to hear this - I knew her only in passing at school; we often ran in the same circle of friends (mostly the Patrol group), and she was always very nice, and way too cool for me. Not that she ever acted like she was - I just thought that of her. She had a great sense of style, and I remember thinking that she was well-liked, and had a lot of friends. From what I read of the article about her, it sounded like she has been a big activist in many things these past few years since graduation. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing her at the graduation I attended in May.

And, all that being said, unfortunately that's the most I knew of her. I wish I had gotten a chance to know her better. But I guess that's always the way: you never get to know people well enough before they're gone for good. By the time you realize it was someone worthwhile, often it's too late. When I think of that, I'm so grateful I got to spend time with my grandfather before he passed away. His memorial service is this weekend, and I intend to pray for both him and Megan. May they both rest in peace, knowing they brought some true good into this world.

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