Monday, December 05, 2005

catching up

To be honest, I'm surprised I'm even writing this - I thought for sure I'd be knocked out by a fever this morning. Last night, I went to bed and, while trying to fall asleep, was completely overtaken by feverish shivers, for what felt like hours. Violent shakes, where my teeth wouldn't stop chattering and my body was just nonstop moving. I figured there was some infection that my body didn't like and was trying to raise the temperature to kill it; between whimpers that I hope didn't keep Dan up, I worried (a bit delusionally, I'm sure) that my body would get too hot and I would die. Yeah, a kind of bad night. Dan was wonderful, although there was a point where I was terribly angry at him for not getting me more blankets, haha (again with the delusional, I think). But he held me and reassured me that my body wouldn't burn itself to death. Weirdly enough, I woke up this morning with no fever (I don't think), and I wasn't nearly as achy as I thought I'd be. I did sleep until right when I had to start work, which is odd for me, but I think my body needed the rest. I'm still a bit out of it & cloudy this morning, but honestly I didn't think I'd be getting out of bed at all today. So, I'm not complaining. Very much.

I think I need to catch up about this past week, particularly the weekend. But I should start with last weekend, the one post-Thanksgiving. That Saturday, I got to ride back up to Boston with Tanya, which was great because we got to spend the entire time talking & catching up! I love that girl. I don't think I've ever not had fun with her.

Speaking of fun, after we got to Lisa's house (where Tanya was staying), I went back home for a bit (I was unbelievably anxious to see Dan again, after only 4 days of being apart!), and then he & I met up with Tanya & Lisa and a few other of their friends at Ned Devine's at Quincy Market...apparently that club/bar is pretty popular, and there was a long line...which we got to cut entirely! (Lisa was "on the list", as she knew one of the bouncers there.) We didn't even have to pay cover, it was great! The place is pretty cool, especially because it's got 3 connecting rooms, all with very different atmospheres. I liked how it was much more of a rock bar than a dance club. I don't really like clubs.

Anyway, the ride up with Tanya & the bar were probably the highlights of that weekend; the next day Dan & I just ran some errands & otherwise stayed in. But it was really nice to be back in Boston. I love how it really is "home" to me, now.

All right, I've got plenty more to add (I have an entire week to catch up on!), but that will have to wait. I don't want to write just one entry about everything, because it'll just get so long & out of hand. For now, I am going to go write some code. xoxo

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