Monday, December 05, 2005

catching up #2

Now, as for last week...I have to start with Monday, because I got to wander around Boston a bit with Karen, yay! We had an early dinner & some gelato, and of course excellent conversation. I don't know what it is about those New Britain girls, but I've had 3 of the best conversations in quite some time this past week or so - with Tanya on the ride back up to Boston, with Karen the other day over dinner, and then with Sarah the other night when I was back visiting CT. Maybe I was meant to be a New Britainite, and that's why I so enjoy the company of NBers! Who knows. But really, those girls rock my socks. :)

Anyway, Monday night my sister Bethany came over & we made & jarred some more applesauce. It's so fun! And not a terribly lot of work, although we made 2 pots of it, so it took a while for all the apples to soften on the stove. But it's very yummy, so it's worth the effort, I think.

The next evening (Tuesday), Dan & I had a library date at the main BPL branch at Copley. I have to say, I just adore the Boston Public Library. So big, and so comprehensive! It is the rare book that I am looking for that I can't find a single copy of, anywhere. Of course, it's a city library, so I guess that's to be expected, but still. Very cool. I'm a big fan of libraries, and this one especially makes me happy. :)

Wednesday morning Dan wasn't feeling well and decided to stay home from work again (I really wish he'd go see a doctor about his dizziness!), and it was wonderful to have his company when I heard the news that my grandfather (my dad's dad) had passed away. I really needed Dan's hugs & comfort. No one was surprised to hear that grandpa had passed on, as he had been really tired this past year or so, and in & out of the hospital. He kept fighting there for quite a while, though, and I was so grateful to have had some time one-on-one with him, when my parents were in Africa this past summer. I visited him every day they were gone, and we really got to do some bonding, which I am now so very glad of. I think Grandpa just needed to rest; I hope he is happier now, spending time with my grandmother and all of their dogs...

So, it's been difficult, but I'm just glad it wasn't a shock - that would have made things so much harder. We were told that Grandpa was smiling and so sweet to everyone right to the end, and he will be sorely missed at the home. And by my entire family. Grandpa, we love you.

Mostly I've just been trying to keep busy since then, to not dwell too often on the loss. The keeping busy part hasn't been too hard, since I had a busy week scheduled, already. Wednesday night, I went to my first meeting of NYMBC, the book club I was invited to by Julia, a fellow Vassarite (and very cool girl). It was really great; the girls in the group are fantastic, and definitely the kind of people I like to surround myself with. I look forward to getting to know them better at future meetings. We have already started discussing having other "clubs" for movies and crafting, hehe. I'm very excited for this group!

Thursday night, I had my yarn-spinning class, as per usual, and that was pleasant, as per usual, heh. Nothing much to report on, but I really am getting to enjoy the company there, too. I feel like I'm really getting to know some fabulous women here in Boston. I've never been one for surrounding myself with pheremones, but I think it's a nice balance now, as I see Dan 24/7, otherwise. Not that I need or want to get away from Dan ever! But it's nice that we both have our own things, you know?

All right, this entry has been pretty emotionally draining, and besides I have a lot more to say about Friday & the weekend, so I'll stop here for now. I can't believe how much catching up I have to do! That'll teach me to take so long to post entries, from now on! Ugh. Anyway - more soon. xoxo

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