Tuesday, December 20, 2005

she said howdy; i said hi

Last weekend was nice, overall...on Friday evening, I got a ride back to CT with Kevin, Bethany, and Ashu around 8. Unfortunately, this was in lieu of a party that was going on that evening, but since Kevin was driving, I didn't feel any authority to call the shots. It was okay, anyway - the ride back to my parents' house was fun, as Ashu, Bethany, and I talked nonstop (according to Kevin, haha). I also finished up a scarf out of some beautiful blue yarn that a picture won't do justice to - but here is one, anyway:

Saturday morning, we all bundled up and headed over to my grandfather's nursing home, where there was a lovely service. I sat with my mother and we cried, but it was a nice way to say goodbye. A lot of family showed up that I wasn't expecting to see, and ditto for some family friends. Afterward, we all went to Bertucci's for an early lunch; it was grandpa's favorite place to go eat, and we had been there many times with him over the past several years. I thought it was a fitting goodbye; I know he was there with us, in some way. And that he wanted us all to be happy and celebrate his memory instead of crying over him.

The rest of the day was spent just doing family stuff; we went back to my parents' house and played some games and decorated the Christmas tree (I can't believe how fast the holidays are approaching!). That evening, I caught the bus back to Boston, and arrived home around midnight. Dan met me at the station, and on our way home we decided to do our gift exchange that night - after all, we wouldn't get to celebrate Christmas itself together! So, why wait? :)

I enjoyed giving Dan his gifts (I hope he liked them!), and he gave me some wonderful ones in return. Highlights were Pink Sugar (lotion & eau de toilette, yum), a pink & camo handbag, and a Simpsons DVD. Oh, and wonderful star strung lights! Perfect for me. :)

The next morning, we arose bright & early (well, kind of...) to catch a bus (yes, another bus! augh) into NYC for the day. (We had been planning on spending a weekend there, but since the memorial service ended up falling on Saturday, we decided just a day would be fun, too.) During the ride, they showed Matchstick Men, which was an all right movie - Dan knew the ending right away, but I have to say I was surprised by it. Anyway, we arrived in the city and struck out on the mean streets, not really certain where to go...neither of us knows the city all that well. Fortunately, thanks to several NYC trips under our belt, we knew how to get to 5th Ave. and so we wandered around there, making sure to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, of course! We ate at a place called My Most Favorite Dessert Company, which had fantastic dinner food...but not fantastic desserts, surprisingly. Ah, well. You can't win 'em all. :)

We got home late on Sunday & collapsed into bed, but it was a lovely weekend, all in all. I always enjoy seeing my family, even though the circumstances weren't what we would have wanted... I'll be back in CT again next weekend, probably from Friday night through Tuesday sometime, as I have a work holiday party to attend on Tuesday.

Happy Holidays, everyone!! xoxo

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