Wednesday, April 27, 2005


So I said some things to Dan last night after he called me that I wish I could take back. I was half-asleep and for the past hour my mind had been running away with itself, thinking of all the ways he could be taking advantage of me. And that's one thing I won't stand - even when it's not really happening, apparently! I wish I didn't freak out like I do - I don't want to be Crazy Girlfriend! I hate how my hormones control me so much - being a girl can really suck. I hope he doesn't hate me, or give up on me. I'm trying, I really am.

In other news, I'm still loving Coercion! I learned a very cool fact about The Wave (you know, what you do at sports games) last night:

"The wave, a stadium-wide cheerleading phenomenon, first emerged quite
unexpectedly at a University of Washington homecoming game in 1981. Fans stood
and raised their arms in sequence as the 'wave' passed around the entire arena
again and again."

Rushkoff goes on to talk about how it was subsequently "stolen" and bastardized by advertisers and really lost its charm for the people who loved its spontenaeity. Ugh - they always seem to manage to shit stuff up, don't they?

I also learned this about revolving doors:

"Store owners learned that more entrances, and more activity at these entrances,
drew more traffic. The sight of other human forms in motion attracts
people. This is why revolving doors, which highlight such motion, becamse
so popular."

Funny, and I always thought revolving doors were to maintain climate control...well, I guess that's what they started off as. Guess this is another example of exploiting something to make a buck! Bah.

Currently Reading:

TITLE: Coercion: Why We Listen To What "They" Say
AUTHOR: Douglas Rushkoff

TITLE: Rule of the Bone
AUTHOR: Russell Banks

TITLE: Game Coding Complete
AUTHOR: Mike McShaffry

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