Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i think i love the library again

Oh, I was so very happy when I went to the library yesterday evening...my creative writing class was cancelled (of course they didn't bother notifying anyone, but I guess the flooding at the main campus in Dryden over the weekend was enough to shut the entire place down!), so when I got home (I wasn't too bothered by it; I live about a 5-minute walk from the satellite building here in Ithaca, and I was in SUCH a good mood yesterday because of the longer days that nothing could bother me!) I convinced Dan to come along with me for a walk to the library to return a book & a DVD I had borrowed from there.

The reason I was making sure to return the stuff in person is rather a long story, but I'll try to keep it short:

A couple months back, I checked out Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, right? Good movie, all went well with it...until I decided to return it using the drop box on a Saturday night at around midnight-ish. As always, I anally checked the case to make sure the DVD was in there before I dropped it off, and then of course checked the drop box to make sure it had gone in, right? Okay, very good, end of story...I thought. That following Monday, we had our normal mid-class break, and I had run over to the library to grab a book that I had wanted to check out. Since I was in a hurry, I went to the self-check-out area (which I tend to use even when I'm not in a hurry, hehe, it's a ton of fun and a lot easier), and lo and behold, what is sitting right there on the table near the machines? So I picked it up, wondering why it was there because I knew it hasn't yet been checked back in according to my account, and on my way to bring it back to the front desk to notify them of the mistake, I opened the box and saw that there was no DVD in there! Mystified and rather upset, I told the awesome front-desk guy what had happened, SURE that he wouldn't believe my odd story, and then headed back to class in a rush, trying not to think about it.

A few months later, I'm being charged $30 for the missing DVD! The case had been returned, but DVD-less. I guess this happens pretty often, because people leave the DVD in their DVD players or something, but I definitely did NOT do that - my room is small, and there aren't many places it could be that I wouldn't come across it regularly! So I went to the library to explain my situation, and the woman working the desk said they'd do an extra-thorough check of the dropbox to see if they couldn't come across the missing DVD. Pleased with this news, I went home. A couple of weeks later, it still hadn't been found. While poking around online once, I happened to check the library's website to see what the DVD's status was listed as...and noticed that the DVD was one of a 4-series set...and that the first two had also been "lost by patron"!! REALLY odd, I figured, so yesterday when I went to the library's front desk to make sure that the Steal This Movie DVD made it back to a librarian's hands and was checked in so I knew I couldn't get in trouble for it, I mentioned that to the guy...and he said it WAS rather suspicious, and that they are actually already kind of looking into it. YAY! That man is awesome - he totally understood my concerns, and when I told him how upset I was whenever I went to the library these days, he said he hoped that we could clear this up and that I wouldn't have to feel that way anymore. He rocks.

Anyway, so no news yet, but we'll see! Cross your fingers...!

Hmmm in other news...nothing much happened yesterday. Worked during the day, tried to go to class but found the school deserted, went to the library (and besides being pleasantly surprised, also checked out Reefer Madness by the author of Fast Food Nation and Coercion: Why We Listen to What "They" Say by Douglass Rushkoff), then came home and watched Dumb and Dumberer with Dan on StarzTicket on my computer (it's actually a kind of funny movie! haha!), put some laundry in, finished knitting Dan's hat, and started watching the classic movie Cleopatra (started because it's 4 hours long! whew), folded the laundry, and then, exhausted, went to bed.

And I'm still tired this morning, yucky. =\ Well, anyway...off to work, now! Ciao.

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Monkey said...

What a MESS with that DVD - don't you wish things could be a little more simpler, like they used to be?

There's talk that in the future we'll no longer turn in rented movies/DVD's anyway - I think that's going to be nice.

Have a great Wednesday!