Sunday, April 03, 2005

egg drop

Went to bed really late (early?) last night, which wasn't a fantastic idea seeing as we lost an hour of nighttime (but YAY for Daylight Savings, whoo! - I'm so so so glad that long days are here again!), and then got up early because I had to shower before the Egg Drop and didn't want to go with wet hair. (I'm definitely not much of a blowdrying kind of girl.) Shower went fine, and then I hung out for a bit reading - finished Fast Food Nation, yay! (An excellent book - it made me cry, at the end, thinking about how corrupt it all has gotten, and how daunting a task it is to face the fast food conglomerates...but I at least have taken the first step, by not eating at fast food joints for several years first because I had no interest, and now also for political reasons.)

I've start to read This Is Burning Man next, which looks good so far...Dan & I (and others) really want to go to that this summer (have been wanting to for several years now, both of us, though separately), so when I came across that book (completely by chance) in the library a while back, I thought I'd check it out. In some ways it's making me want to go more, and in some ways less. We'll see how the book pans out....

Now, I also started reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, but before you all go jumping down my throat for being all trendy, let me just say that while I only did read The Da Vinci Code a few months ago, I have had it on my reading list since before it was released (having read an article that interested me way back when, in what 2003 sometime?). I put off reading it & put off reading it forever once it got so popular because I hate jumping on the bandwagon, doing what everyone's doing, but I finally managed to borrow a copy and read it discreetly in a couple of nights, and I will guiltily admit that I did enjoy it. Dan Brown is probably one of the worst writers I have ever read, but I do really enjoy learning about all those neat historical thingamajigs, which is why when someone handed me a free copy of Angels & Demons, I figured what the hell. I am already convulsing while reading it, though - Brown really feels the need to hit the reader over the head with his prose and his story, for some reason - maybe because he's writing for a less intelligent audience, he thinks. Who knows - in any case, it's frustrating that I'm only 20 pages in and already twice I've "realized" important plot points that Brown feels the need to reiterate & reiterate for the reader, to make sure his point has come across. Ugh.

But, the story itself looks like it could be fun. So I'll give it a shot.

Anyway, enough about books. Today I had to work at the Center Ithaca Egg Drop at around 1pm, so I walked over there (in the pouring rain, mind you) to help register the participants and to drop the egg packages! It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be - the woman who ran it was so nice. And everyone was so enthusiastic! There were some wonderful entries. I even got to drop one by this girl named Ariana! Neat. And, I might get my picture in the Cornell Daily Sun tomorrow - there were college reporters there, who got a shot of me dropping a big purple creature creation. I think it might have been a hydra.

And I met Bill Nye (the Science Guy)! I have never even seen his shows, but he was fantastic as the emcee, and he seems like a very nice guy. They say he's a Cornell graduate (and maybe a local? I'm not sure), so they asked him to come announce the entrants as they were dropped. He was hilarious. Anyway, a good time was had by all. :)

Dan and I watched Steal This Movie tonight, which we have been meaning to watch forever...actually, I think he's already seen it, but I hadn't, and I really enjoyed it. Even though, as Dan pointed out, it talks more about his personal life and his time underground than it does about his politics and beliefs, but it was still a well-done film, and good to see. It's nice to see Hollywood putting something like that out - and, judging by how hard it's been to get at the library, it sounds like it might have been getting Abbie Hoffman's name out there a bit more, which would be great.

Hmm, not much else to say, I guess. I felt like I had something else to write about, but then again I always feel that way. I ought to get going for now, anyway. Have a good night!

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