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9 april 2005 - 4:45am

I finished reading Angels & Demons a short while ago. I'm about to re-pick up This Is Burning Man. A&D was a fun read, a good, exciting story which I found very engaging, and which taught me a lot, but I'm still not a huge fan of Brown's writing. There were some good twists, but also plenty that I saw coming from a mile away, and that got a bit frustrating. Not to mention that Dan Brown is decidedly better at digging up really good facts and thinking up an interesting plot than actually putting words down on paper. I wish he'd hire me as his ghostwriter. Oh, well. This book will definitely not earn a place on my shelves (I tend to hoard copies of books I really appreciate, and possibly want to read again); I'm going to release it into the wild.

Dan and I went to see The Take (2004) tonight (a documentary about Argentinian factory workers who reclaim an abandoned factory that they were fired from), which we both really liked. A very well-done film. We were both teary-eyed, and you really felt so good for those factory workers who were working collectively for better lives and a better Argentina...makes me wish you could see a lot more of that. I guess I'm too cynical, though - I just don't see how that could work on a large scale, unfortuantely. I think we do all need to get back to our local roots in so many ways, though...that's the community people are going to care about. *sigh* I don't know what to say...movies like that make me want to change the world. But I just see way too much corruption. =
We also stopped at Michael's (the craft store chain) and Barnes & Noble tonight (what a contrast, right?). After we got home, I wanted to knit a bit more of Sarah's purple felted bag, so I turned Jersey Girl on, on StarzTicket. Definitely (by far!) not Kevin Smith's best, but if I hadn't known it was by him, I would have appreciated it for a pretty cute movie. In fact, I did, when I ignored the fact that it was his. At least he kept Jay & Silent Bob out of it. It was endearing, but nothing to write home about.

Well, it's reeeeally late, but I felt like writing something even though technically it's "tomorrow" already, and I missed a day. Oh, well! I might add more later on today, if I do anything of note. Well, if I do anything - usually the things I do aren't of note, hehe.

I'm still wide awake, though. I think I'll go write a letter to my friend Jenny and then maybe try to hit the hay. Damn coffee.

p.s. Ohhhh I'm so glad I hit "copy" before I tried to submit this...almost lost the entire post, I HATE when stuff like that (emails, etc.) happens to me. Let that be a lesson to all of us! (Not that we haven't learned it before, ugh...I'm absolutely terrible about that, usually!)

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