Friday, March 31, 2006

the yellow monster

I meant to post this (really blurry) picture of the baby-blanket-still-in-progress yesterday:

Please ignore the unevenness of the stitching...I was just getting the hang of the pattern. I've gotten much better since then. Really.

Ugh, as much as I love Stephanie and am enjoying making something for her baby, I'll be sooo excited when this blanket is done with. I am getting so tired of the same 4 rows. It's just such a big piece, with such (relatively) small yarn. Poor choice on my part, but at least (I hope) Steph will appreciate the effort.

Yesterday, I finally made it back to Mind's Eye Yarns for the weekly yarn-spinning group...I haven't spun anything in ages, though. I am really looking forward to the spinning wheel purchase that I hope will accompany my upcoming birthday! (Hint, hint...) It was nice to be back at the group, though, and while it was rather small last night, I enjoyed some pleasant conversation as I worked on the Yellow Monster (pictured above).

Afterwards, I met Bethany & SC at the Middle East while we waited for Lisa Housman's set at TT the Bear's, next door. She is so smiley & adorable! And just the sweetest thing. My sisters have known her for quite a while, so she's kind of like a family friend. Her songs are fun and her shows are really worth checking out.

But okay, enough from me for now - I need to go finish up some work. It looks like the weekend plans are filling up fast - I just hope I get some time to kick back & relax!

Enjoy the beautiful weather & upcoming weekend, everyone! xoxo

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