Thursday, March 30, 2006

is it Friday yet?

Sigh. I just really feel like this week has been dragging on! Let's get to the weekend, already!

I could definitely use the break. I only have a few, very nice things going on this weekend, which is lovely. Artsy party & Julian Velard for Friday night, dinner planned with my sister and her boyfriend (and Dan's cooking!) on Saturday, and Sunday, possibly breakfast with Jess (if not this weekend, SOON!), and maybe a knitting lesson for a few friends (but ack, I'm scared! I've never taught before!), and (I hope) a visit from Karen & Josh! Perhaps a few other things that are tentatively on the schedule, but mostly I hope to keep it a low-key weekend.

Last night, Dan and I attended something called the RSS Geek Dinner out in Harvard Square, which was unfortunately somewhat disappointing. When we got there, it felt like everyone already knew each other, so we met only a few people the entire time we were there. And -- this is a surprise, coming from me, but -- it wasn't geeky enough! I believe most of the people there were web geeks (which would make sense, with the "RSS" part), and they mostly talked business & numbers, not code. Ah, well. Guess those kinds of gatherings aren't quite our thing.

In other news, I am sad to hear that there will be no more Maytag repairman™, as the company has been bought out by Whirlpool. Ah, we must bid adieu to the commercials of my childhood as they slip away, one by one...

Not that I even watch TV anymore, though. So it's okay! xoxo

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Unknown said...

Yes. It is definitely Friday now. I have gotten up the last three days thinking it was Friday. TGIF.

Unknown said...

LYS: I go to Windsor Button because I can walk there.