Tuesday, March 14, 2006

green scene

I've been cooking a lot (relative to normal) lately...yesterday morning I made a yummy chicken & sweet potato stew that I found on crockpot.com, as I've been trying to use my new crock pot more & more. (It's so convenient!) All it required was cutting up chicken & veggies yesterday, and throwing that plus a few spices into the pot & turning the heat on for 8 hours. Not bad! And it turned out really delicious - way more so than I thought it would, when I first started it.

Then this morning I baked a quick banana bread (recipe here) and I've been nibbling on it all day...it's the best one I've ever made, by far. Probably because it's full of sugar and butter, haha.

St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, and I'm hearing a lot about it from Dan, as he's 1/2 Irish. Yesterday we picked up tickets to go see the (sold out) Dropkick Murphys on Saturday night (as Kelley said, what's more Boston-Irish than that?) from a kid who I guess couldn't make the show. While we were out there on the green line, I convinced Danny to walk over to Trader Joe's so we could pick up some yummy treats. I ended up buying a ton of cookies (I just love the merreingues and vanilla sandwich cookies there), and Dan got himself a few dessert wine treats, as well.

And to get back to the food thread of this post, we have also been discussing maybe cooking something authentically Irish on St. Paddy's Day - I've never had (much less made) corned beef hash, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Dan's promised he won't be mad if I mess it up (right, Dan?). And that would be way more fun than going out to eat at an Irish restaurant, as it's more interactive AND if I don't like it, I don't have to eat it! :)

Dan's made his website entirely green for the duration, and has started drinking whiskey in honor and anticipation of the day. I've never celebrated this day as much before! I remember even being "berated" by my coworkers a few years ago when I didn't wear green on St. Patrick's Day - because I didn't even own a single green shirt! Since then, I've added one or two to my collection, since I realized I was lacking in that color. So perhaps I'll break one out to celebrate the Big Day.

I'm mostly excited for Thursday night this week - we're going to go see V for Vendetta, IMAX style! (I love IMAX, and don't get to see it nearly enough.) I have never seen a real, feature-length studio film on IMAX before (only documentaries and such), so this'll be a new experience. I wonder how different it will be from simply watching the movie at a normal theater. I do hope it's good, though. It has such potential - the graphic novel was outstanding - but it could be such a disappointment. We'll see!

It'll be strange to be back at Jordan's Furniture, anyway. I haven't set foot in there since the summer of 2002.

Well, happy pre-St. Patrick's Day, all! Enjoy the green. xoxo

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C-mo said...

Cool. I've been posting some Irish recipes and facts on my blog to celebrate the week. Feel free to check out www.northridgebuzz.blogspot.com

Soon I'll be posting a recipe for Guiness Ice Cream.