Friday, June 24, 2005


You want to know one of my biggest pet peeves? When an author uses a word that a dictionary doesn't seem to have. Or even TWO dictionaries don't seem to have. I was reading along in The Plot Against America (which while kind of slow going is very good, and does the subject matter very well - I would never be able to write with such what sounds like authority about a made-up alternate history!) and Mr. Roth uses the word "sweatbaths". Now, I had an inkling I knew what that was, but decided to go ahead and look it up anyway...turns out neither nor Merriam-Webster @ have a definition for the word. I did a Google search on it and found I was right, that it is indeed something like a sauna, but's obviously a word that is or at least at one time was in common, everyday use, and yet it's not defined. I don't understand! And this is definitely not the first time it's happened to me. Why would a dictionary choose *not* to include a word? I mean I know they choose not to go with slang or words they fear might be transient, but...sweatbaths?

Seems like a nice, solid word to me.

Anyway, not much is up otherwise. I didn't feel well enough to go out with Tanya & Co. tonight like I had planned, to see Federal Bison play. But I really really hope I get to see Tanya sometime soon!! Like next week would be good. :) Tomorrow is supposed to be wicked hot, so I probably won't move much, except maybe to see a movie. Land of the Dead came out today and I wanted to see that, but it depends on if Dan could convince a friend to drive him all the way up to Plainville to watch it, which would be silly. I mean I know I have a car & I could make it down to Waterbury but I'm so damn tired of driving these days, I need a break.

Saturday I might also see Marsha one last time before she leaves for Japan (!), but I know she is busy with her last few days of prep, so probably not. But I have this great feeling she is going to ROCK it over there! I hope she loves it. I will miss her, but she totally deserves a great time, she's worked so hard! I think it will be great. And who knows, maybe I'll visit her! :) Yay.

And Sunday I get to go *sailing* with the family on our friend's boat, I've always, always loved that. I can't wait. Should be a perfect thing to do in this kind of weather - the shore is always so nice no matter how hot it gets. And I adore BJ and Barbara and their family.

Okay well I'm gonna go for now...didn't even think I'd write this much! I will add more soon. <3

p.s. My friends recently (as always) have been absolute lifesavers. The green kind. :) Haha no but especially Jen and Christine, you guys rock my world. I don't know what I'd do without you. Jen, thanks for the fun movie & for listening & being there! <3 Christine, thank you again so so so much for stopping by for coffee on your way up to Boston from Potown. You managed to turn my day around because I was that happy to see you! And for that I am unbelievably thankful. <3 I have such great friends.

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