Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I'm so tired today. I feel like ass. Why isn't it the weekend yet??

My sisters and I are excited for the new Stella show that's coming out on Comedy Central soon. Not that I am going to see it, since I don't have or watch TV, but hell maybe I'll see a download or a DVD of it eventually. I love those guys - The State is one of my all-time favorite shows. I still remember watching it pretty religiously back when I was in 8th grade...

I wish I had a more exciting life, so I could actually post things that were worthwhile on this site. Hmmm the other day I saw Batman Begins, I guess that is news, haha. It was all right, although even if just for nostalgia value, I liked the older Tim Burton ones better. But the story of this new one was pretty neat; I really liked seeing how Batman came about. One of my big problems with it was that I'm not a huge fan of Christian Bale, I guess. Well, I said that wrong: I am a big fan of his acting, he is very good at what he does! But ever since American Psycho, I've never been able to look at the kid the same way. Plus, I find him to be one of the ugliest actors I have ever encountered. Don't get me wrong, he has his moments, and maybe it's just partly a psychological thing having to do with his unfeeling face in American Psycho, but...he just looks ugly to me. That didn't help the movie much.

I am also 100% convinced I've seen the man who played The Scarecrow somewhere else before, but the IMDb wasn't any help. Anyone have any suggestions where I might have encountered Cillian Murphy before?

Um...I guess that's it for now. I'm staying in CT for the time being; Dan and I decided to stick around until his mom & stepdad are going to help move our big furniture out of Ithaca on the 2nd of July. I may go back up for a bit after that, but I'll mostly be moved out by the beginning of next month. Then we're just waiting for our Boston apartment to be ready! I can't wait.

That is, if Dan still wants to move in with me. I don't understand why he was so angry with me last night. It made me angry right back. I want so badly to talk to him, but then again I don't...*sigh*.

Currently Reading:

TITLE: The Plot Against America
AUTHOR: Philip Roth

Just read, but didn't post before I finished:

TITLE: The Corner Boys
AUTHOR: Geoffrey Beattie

(my copy was the hardcover red one)

TITLE: Digital Fortress
AUTHOR: Dan Brown

p.s. I think I'm done with my Dan Brown kick for now, or at least I hope I am. I've no interest whatsoever in reading his other novel, what is it? Oh yeah, Deception Point. Mostly I wanted to read Digital Fortress because it is about cryptography and computers. It was okay, but still I felt like the reader is always 2 steps ahead of the author at every moment. Still, an interesting look at the NSA and etc.

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