Thursday, June 09, 2005

our toilet is fixed, yay!

So we had quite the night last night: the toilet broke on us. And I don't mean clogged, it BROKE. The entire tank apparatus was shot to hell, which the maintenance guy who came to fix it this morning could see with a glance. He walked in, said "okay I'm going out to buy parts, be back later", and left. He was a very cool guy, though. Maybe a bit too comfortable (he asked if Dan & I like to "go natural" on our back deck, because he has several theories of what would attract a raccoon to hang out there - one does - one of his theories being human sexual smells, apparently! haha). Also, he told me he has a grandmother with the same name as me (that's probably the oldest person I've ever heard of with that name), and that he once had to spend several hours keeping a man in our apartment building company when the power went out, because he was afraid of the dark. What I don't understand is why someone would live alone if they couldn't handle the dark, but...yeah. Anyway, quite the morning! We were kind of miserable all night because we had to use the bathroom, but couldn't. That pretty much sucked. I was trying not to drink at all, which was awful because it was so hot - I've been drinking water like it's air, these past few days! I can't wait till we head back to CT; I hear it's supposed to be a bit more bearable, there. The plumber told me today that it's supposed to hit highs near 100 degrees this weekend! WHAT! And he also told me that last year, they had one day that hit 90, and all the rest were in the 70s. Way to choose the wrong summer to stay here, huh?

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