Saturday, February 10, 2007

miss dashwood

I just wanted to show off this little baby hat that I finished quite a while ago, but never wanted to actually put together until now!

pattern: Knitty's Miss Dashwood
yarn: Red Heart's TLC Baby in 7221 Banana

I was planning to donate it, but I might gift it instead. In any case, I should probably make a point to say that this was not the best yarn to use for this project, I don't think. It's nice & soft, but I don't think the bobbles or the picot edging worked well with this yarn because it's kind of shapeless when it knits up. I don't think I'll use this yarn for much baby stuff in the future; this was the yarn I used to knit my friend's baby blanket several months back, and I chose it because I thought it was the softest, but I just don't really like working with it. (Unfortunately, I've got about half a skein left to use up -- any ideas?)

Well, I should go get ready -- Shaina and I are headed down to Sweet Tooth in Southie this morning to pick up some of Glenn & David's unbelievable cupcakes, to help celebrate Shaina's upcoming birthday! It's a nice day out, so I'm looking forward to the trip. We're meeting in Downtown Crossing, which is good, because I can pick up the buttons I need for the final touches on Miss Dashwood, as well as a few other yarn-y things I am in need of.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xoxo

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Marsha said...

Lovely! That one's been on my to-knit list for a while. Maybe in time for next winter...

You could use up the rest of that skein for a simple infant cap to donate. Hospitals can never have too many of those.