Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ugh, I hate this feeling of fighting off a lengthy cold, where you're not sick enough to take off from work, but your brain is a bit too cloudy for good use. Ah, well. Yesterday, I actually got a ton of work done, despite Dan being home for the holiday. So perhaps today I'll surprise myself again.

This weekend was nice & quiet, although unfortunately not quiet enough for me to be cured! But, I am definitely feeling much better with every day. And I'm getting a lot of sleep.

Saturday, I got up early to bake my peanut butter-Snickers cookies, which I barely got out of the oven in time to pack up & make it up to 45 Mt. Auburn Street in Harvard Square, where Marisa Handler was doing a reading/talk/performance. She is such a cool woman! I look forward to reading her book -- I think our book club will be reading it in the near future.

The rest of that day I spent knitting & watching Gilmore Girls (which has become one of my favorite shows; I can't believe no one introduced me to it earlier!), trying to just lay low and take care of my constantly running nose, yuck. I wasn't feeling up to making it out to my friend's birthday party, unfortunately, but I guess that worked out for the better because I went to bed relatively early.

I had to get up bright & early on Sunday to finish preparing the apartment for the couch delivery, which went so smoothly, huzzah! I am just so glad that that is all over. The movers were Man With a Van, and I can't recommend them enough. They were well-priced, efficient, on time (even early, but they called to clear that with us first), and they not only made the delivery but helped disassemble my futon and fix a broken door jamb (which was not in any way connected with the move). They stayed for most of their full 2-hour minimum making sure everything was okay, but didn't try to push it longer in order to get paid for a third hour. So impressive! Very good guys. One of them actually had made a special trip out to our building earlier this month to check out the stairwell & let me know if he thought it was worth even trying to move the couches in. We're definitely going to them for all of our future moving needs! :) (I know that sounded like a commercial, but seriously, they are a great service & I figure it's as important good to get praise out there about companies as it is to get complaints -- people are usually so much more motivated to report bad service than good, you know?) Oh, and thanks for the recommendation, Bethany!

My sister knit this beautiful scarf,
so I can't tell you what yarn was used, I'm sorry!

The rest of Sunday I spent reading/dozing on the new furniture (I'll eventually take a picture, but the living room is a jumble of stuff right now until we figure out what to do with the excess), and then I headed out to Waltham for a dinner of pea soup, beer-can chicken, and apple-blueberry pie at Kevin & Bethany's, yum! Following dinner, we played Scrabble & I got to try out bowling on Kevin's Wii. Bethany also brought me some fun presents from Sarah, which included a gorgeous scarf that she knitted for me (we did an impromptu scarf exchange, where she got the black-and-red star scarf from me), an interesting CD, and some fantastic cupcakes. Thanks, family, for all of the fun!

Okay, I really have to get to work now, oops. Have a good week, everyone! Not sure how much I'll update because I don't have a ton going on right now, but we'll see. xoxo

Currently Reading:

TITLE: Indecision
AUTHOR: Benjamin Kunkel

TITLE: Gone With the Wind
AUTHOR: Margaret Mitchell

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE Gilmore Girls! Are you catching up on reruns? If you haven't seen the current season yet, something to look forward to: there was an episode where Stars Hollow had a knit-a-thon fundraiser. Everyone was knitting the whole episode. It was great!