Tuesday, February 13, 2007


As much as I always say I prefer the process of knitting to the product, it still sucks to go from this:

back to this:

Oh, well -- it was a learning experience. Next time (which should be soon, as I am probably ready to try again after quite a long hiatus), I'll check more closely that I am getting gauge so I can be sure it fits much better! xo

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TITLE: Indecision
AUTHOR: Benjamin Kunkel

TITLE: Gone With the Wind
AUTHOR: Margaret Mitchell

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Marsha said...

Frogging can be so hard on the soul! But just think of the neat things you'll be able to do with that yarn now that's it free again.

A friend of mine has offered to rip out on my behalf anything that I just can't--emotionally--bear to frog myself. So far I haven't had to take her up on this offer yet...but I'm sure the day will come!