Tuesday, December 05, 2006


To prove I really am in a better mood, though, I wanted to post a fun picture of the Odessa hat I am working on, as a Christmas gift. (I really hope the friend I am making this for isn't one of my readers; I don't think she is, but who knows!) In any case, it's totally fun to knit & turning out really well so far, I think:

I decided to go with a beautiful cranberry/wine color (I believe it's called Opulence) instead of the pretty light blue that Grumperina has in her photo. I think the beading looks really nice (and really stands out) with that choice.

I started it last night, while watching Proof, which was a really good movie. I actually liked Jake Gyllenhaal in it, and I'm not always his biggest fan. I am sure the math in it was somewhat elementary & all, but it felt like a very "smart" movie. I would recommend it.

Okay, really, work now! xoxo

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