Monday, December 18, 2006

season of light

I've decided that I need to make like I'm going away more often. This past weekend, Dan and I had (quite a while ago) planned to make our now yearly trip in to NYC to see the lights and the tree and the people and all the holiday fun that entails, but due to financial & time constraints this year, we decided to put any trips off until later (even though of course there won't be any tree later! -- but I'm okay with that). Because of that, I hadn't made any other plans for the weekend, which upon trip cancellation left for an unexpected wide-open schedule, really. A rarity for me, it seems. So I got to run some much-needed errands and get a lot of holiday stuff done. Unfortunately, I still didn't have enough money or time to make a trip out to Worcester to party with Tanya, Sarah, and Lisa, and that was really disappointing, but I otherwise felt pretty accomplished. And I did get to have a nice brunch with Dan & Shaina on Sunday, at the Pour House, which was a nice brief break from getting things done.

I can't believe Christmas is in one week. I feel completely & utterly not ready, but at the same time, I think I do have most of my shopping done (mostly I am stuck finishing up Dan's family, which is difficult because we agreed to go in on a lot of things together, and he of course puts off his shopping until Christmas Eve!). But I think my family & most of my friends are at least settled if not ready, and ... yeah. I still feel majorly overwhelmed, so I guess I'm not ready enough! But I feel better with every passing day...maybe by Christmas, I'll actually be in good shape! ;) xo

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